Confidence Man

Title: Confidence Man
Rating: Teen
Wordcount: 2025

Summary: The thing nobody ever mentioned about standing on a hillside in rural Wales on a drizzly April morning while waiting for past versions of yourself and your wife to appear so you could wave at them and keep the timeline intact was that it was both mind-numbingly boring and completely nerve wracking at the same time. Perhaps the reason no one ever mentioned it, though, was because these were the sorts of things that only happened when you were Rory Williams.

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Of Mothers and Daughters

Title: Of Mothers and Daughters
Rating: K+
Wordcount: 4477

“When we were kids – when you were Mels and we were so close – was any of that true?”

River looked at her mother quizzically.  “What do you mean?”

“Our friendship.  All of it.  Were you-“ Amy broke off, unsure if she wanted to finish the thought.

“Was I just using you to get to the Doctor?” River asked quietly.

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Back in the saddle--almost

A funny thing happened while I was in the middle of writing a 20-page final paper for one of the more difficult (but enjoyable!  I love graduate school!) classes I've ever taken.  My trusty laptop, which had lately been having screen problems, suddenly started to click in a rather ominious fashion before my paper--due Tuesday--dissolved into a grey screen of doom before my eyes.    

An hour later, Mr. Snub decided it was likely toast and not worth trying to repair given my rather urgent need for a computer NOWNOWNOW, so I headed down to Best Buy.  OMG, they loved me there.  I walked up to the first sales guy I saw, told him I needed a laptop that minute, and basically handed over my credit card without even looking at the price.  


Well, there's Christmas for you.  

So after recovering the paper from our external hard drive, purchasing a new computer, and recovering from a delayed-reaction panic attack, I decided it was probably time to check in here.  No, I haven't fallen down any dark holes recently, but real life has superceeded my need to write/comment on/interact with fic in any way for the last month or so. I do have something in the works, but it's very rough at the moment and may never see the light of day.  Or I could turn 5,000 words into a drabble. 

Hope you are all well, and that I'll be seeing you in fic and comms again very soon!
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